Jamie Zhang

Hi, I'm Jamie! My official position in the club is President, and I handle random stuff in club!

My favorite genre is slice-of-life/comedy, and those are the shows that I usually follow. Some of my personal favorites include Steins;Gate, Shirobako, and Haikyuu.
When I'm not watching anime, I'm usually drawing or playing video games. I mostly draw fanart for shows I really like or games that I'm currently playing (right now it's FFXIV and Overwatch, message me if you want to play together!). Sometimes I sell at local cons, so if you happen to see me, feel free to come by my table and say hi!

jmzhang003@gmail.com // Facebook // Twitter


Brian Nguyen

Hello. I'm your Vice President for 2017-2018. I handle GBM showings, industry contacts, and club events. My job is to make sure things are running smoothly inside and outside of club, and that both aspects are as best as can be. When not procrastinating on school work, I brew Magic decks, build model kits, or irresponsibly watch shows not on my backlog.

Favorite Anime: Senki Zesshou Symphogear (Series)
Favorite Manga: Genshiken

BrianNguyen8697@gmail.com // Steam


Chris Ozawa

Hi everyone, I'm Chris! I'm the Internal Affairs/PR guy, so I'll be facilitating communication between officers and regular members in the know and make sure that everyone can share their thoughts and give input so we can make anime club a great experience for everyone. If you have ideas for anime club or any concerns, feel free to let me know!

As far as stuff I like, there are a bunch of series I've really enjoyed but Gurren Lagann's my #1 and has inspired me for a long time. Most of my hobbies are pretty firmly connected to anime and manga, but in particular I'm also a fan of visual novels, Vocaloid music, and anime song covers, so if you enjoy any of those, I'd definitely like to talk about those too!

Looking forward to meeting you all at anime club and I really hope you'll have a good time with all of us!

christopher.ozawa@gmail.com // Facebook // MyAnimeList


Kendrick Trinh

Hi! My name is Kendrick Trinh and I'm a third year computer science major.

Favorite Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Favorite Genres: Slice of Life, Action

I'm your secretary for this year, which means I will be reserving rooms and dealing with all the logistical stuff. I like to play video games, play Magic: The Gathering, and of course, watch anime. Some video games that play include Final Fantasy XIV (Goblin server), Overwatch (on occasion) and Granblue Fantasy. I'm willing to add friends on the various PC clients out there. Just ask :>.

In regards to Magic, the main format I play is EDH, otherwise known as Commander. I run Omnath, Locus of Rage, and Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge. I play with a small group of friends.
I also draft occasionally and attend the prereleases for upcoming sets.

And anime. My favorites include TTGL, Flip Flappers and Steins;Gate. I highly recommend you see these three if you haven't already. Other than that, I try to keep up with seasonal anime, usually after the series has finished.

I hope that you find your time in Cal Animage Beta to be enjoyable, the showings to be fantastic, and the socials to be fun. This year will be great!



Alexis Cugini

Favorite Anime: Death Parade
Favorite Manga: Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul re
Favorite Genres: Action, Horror, Psychological
Role in Club: Facebook Event Person

Hello everyone! I'm Alexis, a third year Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution major (yes, it's all one major). I will be handling the Facebook event pages and answering your questions. I am open to most every anime even if they are not part of my preferred genre.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading visual novels with my favorite being The House in Fata Morgana. I also enjoy watching Vocaloid music videos as well as listening to covers of those songs and other anime music. Non-otaku interests include hiking and doing biology research.



Izabela Tolentino

Hiya! Good job. You scrolled this far down. You deserve a brownie point. Hopefully the gif next to my name loaded for you.

In case you were wondering, my role lies in maintaining this website and making any art assets the club may freely use.

I'm a third year Math-Computer Science major here hailing from the Bay Area. I watch anime of almost all genres, but I especially enjoy anything with action, adventure, sci-fi, mystery, and/or comedy. I grew up watching a lot of shounen anime, haha.

Besides watching anime and reading manga during my "spare time when not drowning in school work," I like playing video games (RPGs and stealth games in particular), drawing, dancing, and sleeping in to avoid feeling the guilt from procrastination.