Brian Nguyen

Hello. I'm Brian, President of Cal Animage Beta for the 2018-2019 year. I take care of the tech during GBMs and events as well as a bunch of miscellaneous behind-the-scenes logistics - industry contacts, planning meetings, etc.

As far as genres go, I have a soft spot for mecha, although I end up finding something good in whatever I watch or read. If I had the time I'd get back into Gunpla, but for now I'm content with a copious amount of Magic: the Gathering (limited and EDH), a degree of Granblue Fantasy, and an arrangement of other video games: currently Smash Ultimate, Bayonetta 2, and Monster Hunter World/GenU. My favorite anime are the two that got me back into the hobby, namely Senki Zesshou Symphogear and Rinne no Lagrange. Favorite (finished) manga would be Hourou Musuko, with Genshiken in a close second. Houseki no Kuni and YuruCamp haven't ended yet, but they'd also be up there. I offer no guarantees, but I hope everyone enjoys their time here as members of Cal Animage Beta.

Contact: // Steam


Kendrick Trinh

I'm Kendrick and I'm your VP for this year. I'm a fourth year Revelle college CS major (literally death I know). Been watching anime since I was a kid but only really got into it around 2013 with Attack on Titan and later Log Horizon and Kill la Kill. Generally speaking, I'll watch anything (well-designed/ cute characters a plus) but series in the action genre particularly appeal to me especially if the action is pretty over-the-top. Case in point, my absolute favorite show is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

With games, I'm playing FFXIV (Egali Terryn on Goblin, BRD main), Granblue Fantasy. My favorite game is probably Metroid Prime, though Ocarina in Time comes close.

And with manga my all time favorite (completed) manga is Hoshi no Samidare. My favorite ongoing manga is Kaguya-Sama Wants to be Confessed to!

I am low-key idol trash; a huge fan of BanG!Dream! Favorite girl is Sayo, and band, Roselia!

That should do it for now. Hope you all enjoy club this year!

Contact: // Twitter // Egali#8192 on Discord


Izabela Tolentino

In case you were wondering, my role lies in maintaining the club websites and making any art assets the club may freely use.

I'm a fourth year Math-Computer Science major here hailing from the Bay Area. I watch anime of almost all genres, but I especially enjoy anything with action, adventure, sci-fi, mystery, and/or comedy. (I grew up watching a lot of shounen anime)

Besides watching anime and reading manga during my "spare time when not drowning in school work," I like playing video games (RPGs and stealth games in particular), drawing, dancing, and sleeping in to avoid feeling the guilt from procrastination.



Alexis Cugini

Greetings, folks. I'm Alexis Cugini and I'm a grad student now. As such, I'm not officially an officer (on paper) for this undergrad organization. Therefore, I declare my position in the club to be shadow government. I mainly update the Facebook page, but I help out with whatever needs doing.

I'm open to any genre when it comes to anime and manga. My favorites include Death Parade and Houseki no Kuni.

My other obsession is visual novels, especially otome (dating sim) games. My favorite VNs include The House in Fata Morgana and Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly. In case you haven't guessed, I enjoy emotional suffering.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to talk with you.

Contact: // Alexis Cugini on Facebook


David O'Neill

Hey! I'm David O'Neill and I'm in my last year at UCSD for a Media degree. I'm also the historian for Cal Animage Beta which mainly involves filming for Animefest for promotional purposes as well as documenting other club events.

As far as anime goes, I'll watch any animated movie under the sun and I'm a sucker for detailed animation (I'm looking at you, Redline) as well as properly thought out deconstructions. Besides anime, I spend a lot of time watching live action movies when I'm not filming things myself. Other than that, board games are a huge passion of mine with my current favorites being Spirit Island, Scythe, and Not Alone.



Hao Yu Jia

Hello everyone! My name is Haoyu Jia and I'm a third-year electrical engineering student from China. As GBM coordinator I'll be organizing and hosting all the GBMs, which involves curating showings and planning GBM activities. I'm also responsible for discord announcements, the manga library, weekly streams, and any other miscellaneous tasks. If you have any feedback regarding the club or just want to talk about school/life, feel free to talk with me and I'll be happy to chat!

I don't have as much free time as I'd like, but I do spend a lot of time on seasonal anime. I'm partial to anything with romance and/or drama, and favorite anime include Haruhi, Saekano, and Yuri on Ice (though I'm generally down to watch anything). Outside of the otaku hobbies I'm also into sports (especially motorsports), so I am the type of guy who'll wake up at 5AM to catch a Formula 1 race. For games I mainly play Girls Frontline on mobile and either Eurotruck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator on PC.

Hope you guys enjoy anime club!

Contact: // MyAnimeList


Jeremy Nguyen

Yo! My name is Jeremy and I help with internal PR and interacting with club members both online and offline. I want to help our club grow and expand while simultaneously facilitating a fun and enjoyable environment for members. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to have a conversation!

I am a Computer Science major and I am big fan of reading, working out, and coding. Also an enthusiast of weird and bizarre Internet culture. If you ever need a music or book recommendation; I'm your guy!

Contact: // rally#8058 on Discord // Jeremy Phan Nguyen on Facebook


Gladys Balogun

Hey everyone. I'm Gladys and I'm a second-year Muir student studying molecular biology. I'm the person in charge of running the planning committee for our annual convention, Animefest. What the job entails is basically leading the volunteers to efficiently contribute and assist the officers in running Animefest.

As for my interest, one of them is obviously anime. The ones I'm really into right now are Haikyuu!! and Boku no Hero Academia but I also like Death Note, Angel Beats!, Samurai Champloo, Houseki no Kuni, Shokugeki no Souma and the list goes on from there.

On top of that I'm really into video games. Anyone who knows me probably knows I'm obsessed with the Persona series (completed 3, 4, and 5, playing 2, and putting Revelations on hold), but I'm still interested in playing other SMT titles. Besides that, I play other games like Tekken, Overwatch, GTA, even down to the Sims. Feel free to come up to me if you ever want to just chat about anime and gaming or even play some matches together. I hope you all have fun being a part of Cal Animage Beta this year!



Carlos Valencia

Hi guys! My name is Carlos Valencia and I'm a second-year Literatures in English major here at UCSD. As Internal PR I am responsible for overseeing the wellbeing of club members and their relationship with each other and the officer board. So feel free to forward any complaints or questions to me and I'll do my best to respond with the appropriate information or assistance. As a GBM planner I also have a role in the organization of club related events however I am always free to any suggestions there may be. I'll make sure to try my best to be as easily accessible to you guys as possible so feel free to message me at any time.

In terms of anime I don't have a specific genre that I'm fond of, but some of my favorite series include Tanya the Evil, Konosuba, Land of the Lustrous and One Punch Man. Outside of anime I play a lot of games and read, not really picky about what I read though.

I hope you all have a good time in CAB.

Contact: // MyAnimeList
As a warning, some of the manga on this list are really depressing.


Annabelle Chang

Hello hello! I'm Annabelle Chang, a first year Linguistics major! As your treasurer I'll be in charge of club funds, and as web developer I'll be updating the website, so feel free to give suggestions if you have any! As for anime, I will watch anything, but my favorite genres are magical girl, idol, and isekai, with my favorite shows being Yona of the Dawn, No Game No Life, and Yuri on Ice.

Outside of anime I'm into tokusatsu, or specifically Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. Or anything Japanese really.

Enjoy your time here at CAB!

Contact: // MyAnimeList


Jasmine Macy

Hey guys! My name is Jasmine Macy, and I'm a freshman student in Warren studying Global Health. As the Secretary and Historian of the club, I'll be responsible for administrative and clerical duties, keeping our club organized behind the scenes!

I tend to love watching anime with interesting visuals and animation, especially from directors like Masaaki Yuasa and Hiroyuki Imaishi. I'm also a voracious reader of manga, and some of my favorites include Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun and Berserk.

In addition, I'm a huge fan of video games, and I'll be more than happy to chat about Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Persona, or a slew of many other things.

I hope you'll have a wonderful experience in Cal Animage Beta!

Contact: // MyAnimeList


Marshall Hatfield

Greetings, My name is Marshall Hatfield and I'm a freshman chemical engineering major from the Bay Area. I am an incoming asset manager, so I will be keeping track of the club library as well as the club-owned merch. As for anime, I am a big fan of the Fate Franchise, and an avid FGO player. Besides fate, some of my favorites include the Kara no Kyoukai movies, WataMote, Konosuba, and Monogatari. I also play a lot of chess and Total War:Rome , so I'd be glad to play if anyone wants to.

Contact: // MyAnimeList