Prior to 2022, Anime & Manga Enthusiasts was known as Cal Animage Beta.

"Cal Animage" is a loosely organized association of international anime clubs. The first chapter, Cal Animage Alpha, was founded at UC Berkeley in 1989. Our club, formerly known as Cal Animage Beta, was established in 1990 as the second chapter. In 1992, Cal Animage chapters from multiple universities, including UCSD, co-sponsored the first Anime Expo.

Although anime distribution has increased in the United States, making it easier to purchase and watch shows, Anime & Manga Enthusiasts continues to host weekly anime showings as well as bi-weekly off-campus or on-campus social events. Some of our events include karaoke, club dinner socials, and Tea Party, which is an anime marathon and potluck. Our largest event of the year is Animefest, an on-campus convention that includes gaming, performances, Artist Alley, panels, and more!

For more information on our showings or other upcoming events, check out our "events" section on our website, or join our Discord or Facebook group for updates.